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Link25 (071) – Bubble Wrap While Steering Edition


Since the Internet is a relatively big place and it’s easy to waste all of your time watching silly videos, every Friday we here at List25 try to make your time wasting more efficient by stuffing 25 of the week’s best links, articles, images, and videos into one concise list. This week the highlights include everything from an intense solar image to a pet raccoon eating grapes of a table. So, get ready because this is Link25 (071) – Bubble Wrap While Steering Edition.


23. 8 Books For a Higher Existence

Books are magical inventions. By carrying meaning, they gives us glimpses of experience and knowledge from a different world. Phonetic language, being cut-off from time and place, the Now, helps both […]


11. Ego, Fear, and the War on Drugs

From the point of view of psychedelic enthusiasts, the prohibitionist stance is farcically weak. The moral imperative could not be more obvious: give up the ghost, stop jailing non-violent consciousness explorers, and […]

10. This Horse Wins Halloween

When Sandy Cramer decided to paint a skeleton on her 10-year-old black mare named Raven, she had no idea how popular her ‘skeleton horse’ would become. She first painted Raven […]


4. A Canyon of Fire on the Sun

NASA/SDO – A magnetic filament of solar material erupted on the sun in late September, breaking the quiet conditions in a spectacular fashion. The 200,000 mile long filament ripped […]


2. 5 Easy Ways To Upgrade Your Bedroom and Better Your Sleep

You will spend one-third of your life in your bedroom. Think about it. One third of your total life spent in one room. You will rest, relax and regenerate in this room. You will sleep, dream, hug and have sexy time here. Yet, somehow, we […]

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