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Ariel Notices Little Girl Is Deaf, Then Begins To Speak To Her With Sign Language Skills


Some people say that Disneyland is the “happiest place on Earth,” but it’s easy to forget that,sometimes, things that are entertaining to the average person can be limiting for those with disabilities.

Summer is hearing impaired, but a Disney fan nonetheless. When she was visiting the theme park in Paris, she got the chance to meet Ariel.

Ariel begins to realize that Summer is deaf, and what she does next leaves the little girl and her mother baffled. Thank goodness the cameras were rolling for this one.

The princess impressively whipped out her sign language skills, allowingSummer to communicate with the other Disney characters around her. The little girl was so stunned, she just sat with her mouth agape in bewilderment. Now, that is how you make a little girl feel special!

Ariel uses sign language to teach the others how to spell “Belle” using sign language.

“I think she’s a bit baffled that you know,” the mother told Ariel.

We can’t help but commend this performer on taking the time out to make sure every child is included in the festivities. Everyone should be able to experiencethe “magic” at Disneyland, and Summer most definitely got an experience to remember. How unbelievably sweet of the woman!

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