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Android Jetpack Navigation Stable Release


Posted by Ian Lake, Software Engineering Lead& Jisha Abubaker, Product Manager

Cohesive tooling and guidance for implementing predictable in-app navigation

Today we’re happy to announce the stable release of the Android Jetpack Navigation component.

The Jetpack Navigation component’s suite of libraries, tooling and guidance offer a robust, complete navigation framework, freeing you from the challenges of implementing navigation yourself and giving you certainty that all edge lawsuits are managed correctly.

With the Jetpack Navigation component you can:

Handle basic user actions like Up& Back buttons so that they work consistently across devices and screens.

Allow users to land on any part of your app via deep connections and build consistent and predictable navigation within your app.

Improve type safety of debates passed from one screen to another, decreasing the the possibilities of runtime accidents as users navigate in your app.

Add navigation experiences like navigation drawers and bottom navigation consistent with the Material Design guidelines.

Visualize and manipulate your navigation flows easily with the Navigation Editor in Android Studio 3.3

The Jetpack Navigation component adheres to the Principles of Navigation, providing consistent and predictable navigation no matter how simple or complex your app may be.

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