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How to Say Happy New Year in Thai & New Year Wishes


Learn all the Thai New Year wishes online, in your own day, on any device! Join ThaiPod1 01 for a special Thai New Year celebration!

How to Say Happy New Year in Thai

Can you relate to the year passing something like this: “January, February, March – December! ”? Many people do! Quantum physics teaches us that time is relative, and few experiences illustrate this principle as perfectly as when we reach the end of a year. To most of us, it feels like the old one has passed in the blink of an eye, while the new year lies ahead like a very long journey! However, New Year is also a time to celebrate beginnings, and to say goodbye to what has passed. This is true in every culture , no matter when New Year is celebrated.

So, how do you say Happy New Year in Thai? Let a native teach you! At ThaiPod1 01, you will learn how to correctly greet your friends over New Year, and wish them well with these Thai New Year wishes!

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Table of Contents

How to Celebrate New Year in Thailand Must-Know Thai Words& Phrases for the New Year ! Top 10 New Year’s Solving in Thai Inspirational New Year Quotes Inspirational Language Learning Quotes How To Say Happy New Year in 31 Speeches How ThaiPod1 01 Can Help You Learn Thai

But let’s start with some vocabulary for Thai New Year celebrations, very handy for conversations.

1. How to Celebrate New Year in Thailand

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